Green Urbana


Every single cork counts.

ReCORK is a company that collects recycled cork and sells that cork to companies whose products require cork. The recycled cork is collected by businesses, who become “public collection partners”, and they volunteer to collect cork in return for marketing of their locations from ReCORK and discounts for employees on the products made from the cork. LINC began the process of bringing this pro- gram to the Urbana community.

Project Activities and Progression

Steps LINC took to begin implementing ReCORK in the community include:

Projected outcomes

Next steps for the project include getting local busi- nesses to sign up for ReCORK and to place the collection bins in their stores. There are also different types of part- nerships businesses can have with ReCORK other than “public collection partners”, including “recycling partners”, which collect their cork but not any from the public. Cham- paign already has one “recycling partner”, Houlihan’s, and this could be an easy form of ReCORK to implement in the community.