Green Urbana

Who we are

Just some students trying to make the difference.

LINC stands for Learning in Community, a course within the College of Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. LINC is an interdisciplinary, inquiry-guided service-learning course in which students provide meaningful service through the conception, development, and implementation of projects in collaboration with non-profits and community partners. Our section, UES, has a partnership with the Urbana Envirionmental Sustainability division, that has as a mission to help both the city government and the community improve energy efficiency, water conservation, and recycling for a better quality of life. You can learn more about the LINC course here.

LINC UES fall 2014 picture

The projects listed on this page were developed by the students from LINC UES Fall 2014:
Hannah Alvarado
Tal Charnes
Marco Andre De Oliveira
Cassio Dos Santos Sousa
Dowon Eom
Kalina Gajda
Gento Kozuma
Jiaxin Lin
Philip Dominic Louis
Andrew Nowak
Elizabeth Shancer
Adrian Vera-Moya

All projects were suggested and/or approved by our community partner Scott Tess, the Environmental Sustainability Manager of the city of Urbana. They were guided by Louis Bartels and Daniel Duan, the project managers of this semester's LINC UES.